You don’t need to donate anything except your incest love towards mom. But you clicked this page anyway (maybe because I showed you too many ads lol) so please take some time to read the stuffs below.

Why you should even consider donating me?

Well, first of all you get horny through this site right? That no other site even the brazzers, xvideos one couldn’t do this hard.

Secondly I work hard to make a dream fantasy world for mom son incest lovers. I don’t wanna bore you guys, here are few things I’m thinking in my mind right now

  • Site maintenance alone costs like crazy $50 per month and it is getting higher every month since no one leaves the site once they lay eye on
  • I make original incest mom son memes, gifs, stories and what not. (people submits too but in the exclusives category I am the king and no one can beat me hehe.
  • If the site goes super crazy I have to make a team and its gonna costs me like hell and currently I am doing all this with my own pocket money. I will always though, least till I have my other jobs running cool.
  • Actually I’m spending pretty good (3-7 hours) everyday on this site while I have other works sitting on my ass as well. I really want to spend all my time here making crazy amount of memes and pave a wave for next generation of incest love.

If I keep telling you more, you guys might think this page was written by some copy paste cheap content writer LoL. So lets move on.

How often you might donate?

I just made this extra topic just to bump up your heart beat a bit. Anyways, I don’t know maybe donating once a month would me nice. Or even better whenever you cum on my memes, ouch if this is a thing you probably would be giving me everyday and get bankrupt, to make it fair maybe donate me after you cummed like 10-20 times on my mom son incest contents.

How much you should donate?

Totally up to you man, you can do as lil as $1 if you want to but I suggest you save that $1 and make it $5 and then donate me (even it takes a year).

How can you donate me?

If you are really reading this, thank you guys. By the way I know there are lots of you wants to give me something you can afford so I made three best ways for you to donate me 😁

1. Buy me a coffee

Almost all of us bought a coffee for our friend at some point right (except both haven’t got money and run away lol). So consider you are buying me a coffee and remember I can drink like 50 coffees at a time if I want to lol. My mind: Wish he donates for a cigarette too!


Supported payments: Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Paytm (no country limit)

2. Go Crazy & Be Anonymous as Fuck (Crypto)

If you are rich as fuck and cummed many times to my memes! Consider a huge donation for me to work on this full time. Others can just be crazy as fuck you want and send me any number you want, I don’t mind.

Note: If you want to donate me anonymously but you don’t know anything about crypto, you can just buy bitcoin from here and donate, honestly though its not quite simple but who knows maybe you get into trading and make shit loads and probably end up quitting your current job.



BTC: 3LKqC9AvUG4PfwDQPTkShsak3r57S5AzLR

ETH: 0x47cb3e932c5ba2f8c5abbfd5eaa41fd195cb3830

3. Donate Through Telegram

Let’s say you are from India and want to donate me 100rs or less telegram is the best way to contact me and get the details and pay me instantly. I don’t prefer this method but still it is an option.

Contact via telegram: @momsonmemes

Some Crazy FAQs:

  • I don’t want to fill this site with ads (third party advertisements)
  • I want to keep it clean as possible and I want this site to be a reputed site rather than seo/tech junk site
  • Many told me I am doing great and I should start a subscription by locking some exclusive memes on separate page where everyone must pays to see that, but I don’t like that idea at all so please consider “often” donation
  • Consider you are buying a friend a coffee and a cigarette once a month
  • Make me rich by your fucking donations and I’ll make sure it pays good for mom incest


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